Proud Peacock

This proud peacock was purchased more than 10 years ago from Lane Bryant for $69 and I got my money's worth 6 times over.
I remember the price because I made two trips to the store to get it and haggled about it. It was so difficult for me to spend that amount of money on one top. On the third trip I bought it, only to return it & re-buy it at 15% discount & it was the only one left in my size. Because I loved it so much, the cost was then justified. Funny how that happens!
This top has beading and sequins all over the peacock & flowers in the front and is perfect for evening wear. On the back it is outlined in velvet. It has been worn on several cruise ships and to many christmas parties. To tell the truth it has only been dry cleaned once and worn to death. This peacock still has some more appearances to make, but I thought I would show it off before it starts to fade. The motto of the story. . buy what you love and it will get worn!
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Still Single

Does everyone around you think they know why you are Still Single? Are you even looking to change your status?  Been there done that, got the picture in an album in the closet!
Many women in my age group are happily married and I applaud them, some deserve a medal. And, there are those of us who were not lucky in love, or our love ended in divorce and we just do not want to go back there. The question still remains, do you want to be Taken Care of or not? In an era where it takes two incomes to enjoy life. . if you can take care


Sunshine/Get to Know

About a week ago, I was tagged by my BlogPal Robin Charmagne in a "Get to know Me" post and days ago I was nominated for a Sunshine Award by my BlogPal Lenya of which I accepted. I have been blogging since 2010 and this is the first year, I have been blessed with recognition by my peers. Thank you very much BlogPals!  Now, I am attempting to "kill two birds with one stone" by stating some facts about me here.
So, here are my facts/answers to Robin's questions:


Mr. Almost Right

Have you been on a lifelong search and just not met your Soulmate? Well here's the thing about "Soulmates" - They're kind of like an Illusion - and Illusions, as you must have noticed by now, are not much in the way of company at night. That's not to say that true Love doesn't exist and you ought to just settle for anyone with basic vital signs like Mr. Almost Right.
It's just that sometime, our romantic ideals get so estranged from reality that they take us further from, rather than closer to, real-life Love. When that happens, it's time to admit a little imperfection into the equation and



I went to a Wedding last Saturday and I wore the dress I found in my closet during the purge. This dress was purchased from TJMaxx four years ago for a wedding and was not worn 'til now. The shoes are from Macy's shoe sale 2 years ago and they made their first appearance. The ceremony
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