The Love Glove

If half the battle is getting a man to wear a condom, then the other half is making sure it stays on. In a recent poll 1 out of 5 men admit to taking off a condom during sex without asking their partners. How do you make sure the love glove goes on and stay on?


  1. You make sure the love glove is on because you put it on. Then check several times during sex to make sure you feel it.

  2. Yes sir had to go far back in my memory file under C or would that be under S.. to locate those memories...back when a condom was really to prevent pregnancy. In those wild and crazy days when one didn't.. one spent a lot of time praying and promising the lord. Now we have the threat of disease which can last a life time or kill you...always something to worry about

  3. agreed with both comments there, however,it is getting harder and harder for women in general to remember. We all have such a variety of information available, and people are not longer misinformed, still there are lots out there taking risks. Still, this is no joke. We should make all efforts to make sure it is on, because some men could really care les, since they are not thinking with the right head!


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