Cell Phone Snoop

So you snooped thru your man's cell phone and found another woman's phone number and/or message.
  1. Do you think it was O.K. to snoop?
  2. And if so, what will you do with your findings?
Think before you Act!


  1. The only reason a lady would have to check her man's cell phone is if she suspect he is cheating. If I suspect my man then I need to check more important items...I would not care about his cell phone activity.

  2. I agree with anonymous. "Seek and you shall find." if you doubt what your man is doing or if you are a jealous freak or if you trust him and check his cellphone chances are there is a number from some girl. The truth is if he heck mine, he would find the numbe if a guy. Either way, that number means nothing. I'd you are looking for a reason to end your relationship look and find solid ones. A number does not hold enough value. If you are trying to stay together them simply trust. "Eyes that canno see, is a heart that cannot feel."

  3. I think if you are committed to a relationship there should be no emotional secrets. Go ahead look in that cell phone. Face life head on, ask your mate, not in an accusing way, just as a matter of interest. I think a healthy relationship can stand up to accountability


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