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Childhood obesity is an epidemic. We are living in a society that has children suffering from 'adult' health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Many women say that dieting destroys a child relationship with food and puts too much pressure on them at an early age. Would you put your child on a strict diet?

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  1. My mother has put me thru diet all my life, since my family has propensity to be overweight. I am in a way thankful that my mom always were on top of it and didn't allow me to eat as much as I wanted. Although, to this day, I still suffer the consequences. I consistently put myself to harsh diets, when I eat something unhealthy, or a bit too much- like two scoops of ice cream, french fries, or a hamburger- I fell really guilty. Really guilty. So it helped me not be obese, but made me traumatic about food.


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