Beat Airline Fees

Want to book a ticket in person rather than online? Want a pillow or a blanket on an airline? It could cost you. A lot of these fees are hidden in the online booking process and that is why they want you to book online. Anytime an airline offers you a service, ask "How much is this going to cost me?"  The biggest revenue for them come from baggage fees. I read where the airlines collected about $893 million in baggage fees in the 2nd quarter of 2010! The simple way to avoid checked bag fees: Don't check anything! If you are going on a short trip, pack smart and put everything in a carry-on case. Just walk right on up to the gate ask the agent if he/she would like to check your carry-on bag. You will not see your bag until you claim it at your destination.

Or.. send your bags ahead. If you are going on a long trip in the USA, why not ship your luggage from home! Some airlines charge up to $60.00 for two suitcases and you can ship a 30lb bag cross country using FedEx ground for $26. to $41. Why should you do this? The door to door service, no waiting at carousels, no dragging the bags all over the airport and no paying the airline to lose your luggage. Also, avoid fare change fees. Some airlines will charge you up to $150 to change a reservation plus the fare difference.
Have Fun on your Trip!

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  1. Do NOT travel on Spirit Airlines. After you book your seat you also have to buy a ticket for your bags online, cause' if you wait to pay at the airport add another $10.00 per bag. Yes..you book your airfare and paid for the ticket, but it is not over...you have to shell out mo money, mo money! The computer assigns your seat even if you get to the airport 4 hours before travel time. If you get a seat by the back toilet do not think that they will change it for you unless you are willing to ante up another $18.00. You better carry on your food..after waiting 4 hours it's time to eat again and they do not give anything not even water. Pay,pay and pay...it is not the affordable to travel book with someone else!


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