Skip Shopping & Try Swappin'

We all know the three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Most of us have reduced and recycle, but it's time to focus on reusing - instead of hitting the malls when you need clothes & accessories (I have my own parking space at various centers) set up a swap with friends, family & co-workers. You will be surprised of the outcome...new stuff for you, money saved and new friends. The reason I have items to swap is simply that I am a shopping fanatic and I really LOVE a Sale.  I do not buy anything full price and I have been known to get price adjustments after the sale from my fave store. When you are in the stores all the time you know your products & know when the sales are good, therefore you can snag a great buy. The problem is you get excited about the new dress, hang it in the closet and it ages until you no longer love it or can fit into it.  We have all been there done that!  My friends and family are stylish and clothes they have in the closet waiting to shrink into or bought during their fat period may just fit my current lifestyle!  If I could just get them to pull them out and attend a Swap party.

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  1. I hosted the first Kurves Swap party in June and only 4 friends attended. I sent invitations weeks ahead and sent several reminders and folks just did not come. Some did not even RSVP. I do not believe that people really want to get the excess out of their closet. Those who came to the party went away with some great items....

    Dissapointed Prymetyme.


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