Spending Limit

You are one of six bridesmaid's in your college roomate's wedding. The maid of honor is planning the bridal shower and she just informed you that your portion of the bill is $300.00. You are not cheap but you have a limited budget and the costs to be in this wedding is mounting. How will you handle this without being a bitch?

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  1. It's never a good thing when the bride to be believes that the world and her friends are at her beck and call because she is getting married. But, when faced with this scenario, and if you really want to continue being a part of this wedding, I would ask the bride to front the money on my behalf (if you are a bridesmaid she should know you well enough to know what time of hardships you may be living) and that I would pay her back in installments that would be ok for me and her. If she is a bridezilla and doesn't get it, then get the f..k out, $300 is only the tip of the iceberg.


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