The Mature Woman and....

My 57 year old dear friend and I got into a friendly discussion about our sex lives last evening and she informed me that she was no longer interested in sex. I was shocked to hear this from a woman who I considered to be sexy.
She went on to say......"If I were in a relationship with a man that was interested in me, cherished me, cared that I was tired and he would cook me dinner, even make me a sandwich, then yes I feel confident the sleeping libido could awaken..but sex for me would have to include the whole package. I guess you could say....no strong sex drive. This is how the equation plays out in my mind.....Dick = too much work (cook, clean & cater). I was prepared to do the caring for, but it took me years to realize that HE must also care equally...ain’t happen, so guess what? Sex ain’t happening either".......
I have known this girlfren' over 15 years and she has always been fashionable & attractive - this girl can make a $5 white shirt look like it cost a fortune when she accessorizes. She is by no means a 'fuddy duddy' and she has a Man.  So, why the sexless life?  I know that if I had a healthy man with no mental baggage, I would be a happy camper around the house because I still enjoy sex. I guess you can look sexy but not BE sexy.....

Which one describes you?
1. No Libido
2. Strong sex drive.
3. Take it or Leave it.

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