Try before you Buy

I heard on a talk show recently from a woman......"She is getting married soon and she will not have sex before the wedding".  She is 44 years old and a divorced mother of 1 child.  He is in his 40's and never been married. Now, we all know that some 40 year old men are starting to have plumbing problems and some need remodeling. He has never been married, do you trust him enough to not do the testing?  If you do not try before you buy, can you Vow to "in sickness & in health" ??  There is no excuse for a 44 year old Newlywed to have a sexless life in the name of abstinence.  She could be buying a Promise.....and you know about promises!!!


  1. Queen of My YardSeptember 04, 2011

    I like to know who came up with that plan...not smart. They are both too old for that kinda of stupidity. Being in a mature relationship includes having safe/responsible wild and crazy sex. Sex is an important part of a relationship, so to promise to live in harmony forever and not to have enjoyed each other in this way...trouble just trouble. What can I say.. as far as I am concerned a man never having been married and in his forties...run girl run...the other way.

  2. I agree with the Queen. Trouble is lurking around this relationship. This is not her first rodeo and she has been on the horse before, so be very careful girl. Do not ride that horse if he has been out of the stable too long without training!

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