The College Student

Your college age daughter is over the top excited about her Independence, her new school and her new friends. This is the first time YOU cannot call her school to snoop on her grades or how she is doing in her after school activities.  Now, she tells you what she wants you to know and you have no way in checking out the validity of that B+ she told you she got. You just lost your daughter to that new young Lady who will visit you during school breaks and Holidays.  Did you warn her about Risky Situations?  If you were your child's executive advisor back when she was 15, identified situations in which sex is more likely to occur and had frequent discussions with your child, you have one up on most mothers.  If not, you still have a chance to make that a priority on your next visit.  Just gently remind her that drug and alcohol consumption can lead to sexual activity that she may later regret and will increase her vulnerability to sexual assault, date rape and unsafe sex.  Also, remind her of your LOVE and her abilities and admit that you miss her company. You can still stay involved by asking questions and encouraging your child to visit abovetheinfluence.com.  

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  1. My daughter just left for college. We had many chats about sex and alcohol, the two don't mix. I pray that I've set a good foundation for her life and I leave her in Gods hand. I am still snooping on twitter which she has no clue that I'm reading her tweets, being following her for a year now but she thinks I'm clueless when it comes to tweeting because I don't tweet. So true when you said they tell you only what they want you to know not everything you should know.


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