Wedding Gift

You have been invited to a lavish wedding and you need to bring a gift. You're on a tight budget and cannot afford Tiffany so you want to give a monetary gift.  Should you cover the expense of the plate served?  If so, will the check cover You, your 2 kids and your spouse who is on his 5th drink at the bar?  Or will you.......

1. RSVP and bow out gracefully.
2. Leave the kids home.
3. Give what you can afford.
4. Attend solo and cover your plate.
5. Go large and give generously.

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  1. #3.- It us customary in my family to give newlyweds monetary gifts instead of an item on a registry and it is usually an amount, in excess of the per guest cost. But, if the wedding is at the Waldorf Astoria those gifts would certainly NOT cover the cost of the plate. If she can afford a Waldorf wedding then she is not in NEED. Just, give from your heart without emptying your wallet.


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