Facebook Friends

O.K....so your friend took tons of photos of your night's out and post them on facebook and you do not want your private life to be so public. Not only did you not want anyone to see pics of you throwing up at a party, she also tagged you on the photo!  So now all of your 825 facebook pals will also see it and they may make comments that could break up a friendship. Now, you will have to call up that so-called friend and have her take down the picture that has already caused you shame and Untag yourself. But, this is already too late and now you are angry. So is she really your Friend or an acquaintance?  It is not too late to unfriend or hide the posts of those on your facebook list who may potentially put your business in the street!


  1. It is getting to the point where not only do you have to watch out to see if "Big Brother" is watching, now you have to be suspect of every gingy fly with a camera phone. I am thinking of taking down my face-book account.

  2. Well, this has happened to me before. And trust me, although I am very careful with the people I choose to be in my friend list, there is always going to be a very judgmental friend, or even my mom, who is super down to earth, may not like something here and there.. Anyways, to solve that problem, you must go to your settings and establish your privacy. You can make very private, by not allowing no one to post things in your profile without your approval first. It comes down to that. People are different, an sometimes what they thin is cool, is not cool at all to you.. So, facebook will tell about your life as much as you allow it to. Get informed! If not, it could become a disaster!


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