They have an App for That

There are so many applications for your smart phone and I-phone available, how do you select the one you will use again and again. Just today I found out that there is a Glamour App from the magazine that you can download to your smart phone or I-phone and shop in a New York Taxi for items like cosmetics. They showed a woman in a cab purchasing cosmetics with her app on her 40 minute taxi drive thru the city.  I would not need that app, because I like to touch and feel my purchases and try before I buy at the cosmetic counter. What if you are in the middle of a purchase and your cab ride ends? Do you ask the cabbie to ride around the corner and run up a large cab fare so you can get your stuff?  I think not!   I use my smart phone to make phone calls, screen phone calls, get & write messages and view emails. I also like the weather app that shows me the five day forecast so I know how to dress for the day.  But, my life is really online from my computer.  I am always online working on my blog, checking & rewriting my web pages, viewing the latest gossip and checking my friends on facebook.  I was really amuzed yesterday when my son ordered pizza online and found the Dominos Tracker which had 5 stages (Order, Prep, Oven bake, Quality check, Out for delivery) and you can pick from several themes.  I picked the Paradise theme which featured a Parrot and radio on a beach I would like to visit complete with a crab crawling around. When the pizza was ready for delivery the Parrot said "Ding Dong delivery" and the manly voice from the radio said "The delivery man just left with your order" all with background reggae music. By the time I replayed the track. . . knock, knock the hot pizza was at the door. I had never seen this before and will definitely order from Dominos again, not just for the delicious and cheap pizza, but the Parrot and that Caribbean man on the radio. . . I know, it does not take much for some of us.

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  1. This was too fricking funny!!!


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