Woman's Intuition

Intuition is a slippery word, one that's tricky to define. The dictionary definition-(a thing that one knows from instinctive feeling) raises more questions than answers. What is an instinctive feeling?  How does one "know" something? And does knowing something mean that what you know is true and accurate?  Researchers on the subject often refer to Intuition as a method of thinking based on emotions. "It's a feeling, a sensation that tells you whether an experience is pleasant or unpleasant," says Michel Tuan Pham, a professor at Columbia University. "It is perceived through your body, not necessarily through your mind."  So how reliable is the feeling that's perceived thru your body?  When should you trust your intuition, and when should you question it? 

·        The Situation: Your brother invites you to dinner to meet his new girlfriend. Everyone in the family seems to love her, but there's just something about her that you don't like: her fancy clothes, the way she ordered her wine, her high-pitched laugh. You hate to say it, but even though your brother seems happy, you don't have a good feeling about her.

The Outcome: While your initial perception of your brother's new girlfriend might be correct, most of your wariness is based on biases, which can color your intuition.
Your subconscious prejudices you against, in this case, a woman in fancy clothes. She might actually be a great match for your brother, but in this first encounter, you're only noticing the articular negatives. In cases such as these, sometimes we have to trust other people. It may be hard to overide your gut instinct, but you need to be really honest with yourself about where your feelings are coming from. ----- Courtesy of MSN.

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