A Woman's Choice

Crazy as it sounds, the fight to limit or even ban BIRTH CONTROL is a key issue in the upcoming presidential election. Stripping women of their Reproductive Freedoms would jeopardize not only their financial future but also their health. Whose Uterus is it anyway? You hear one politican say  "get rid of Planned Parenthood" and you already know that PP has been providing health screenings and basic health care for women in over 800 clinics. Who needs PP ? About 5 million women/students who cannot afford the screening for cervical cancer, painful endometriosis, scary ovarian cysts or disabling pelvic cramps and of course birth control.  Maybe you have all the kids you want or you are waiting until you are financially ready to have a baby and contraception is a part of your life. Then you are one of the 99% and you should give a damn about this kind of politics!  While it seems ludicrous that we as a country are having this conversation in 2012.  Several Tea Party Republicans want to repeal Roe V Wade. They also want to give your Employer the right to limit your access to birth control thru your group health insurance (that you have to pay a portion of).  But, we do not have to "stifle ourselves" and keep quiet and wait to get burned.  Get prepared and talk to every woman you meet. Go to:
www.gottavote.org -  www.womenarewatching.org.
Do something. . .Make some Noise. . .get out and VOTE.!

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