False Chemistry

You tell yourself, This is it. For the past three weeks, you’ve been having amazing dates with someone who seemed to click with you instantly. You’ve never had this kind of intense connection before and are thinking, This must be what everyone means when they talk about amazing chemistry!  But just as you thought you two were poised to take the next step, your next date falls completely flat. Hoping that it was just a freak occurrence, you try again. But nothing changes, and sadly, that spark that shimmered so brightly before has vanished just as quickly as it appeared.

What gives? It’s possible that you were fooled by false chemistry — a buzz that seems to portend great things, but often does little more than fizzle after the initial rush is gone. By no means does it spell the end — it’s just that people tend to take certain signs too seriously sometimes, thereby setting themselves up for disappointment. Before you give up... take it with a grain of salt and adopt a “wait and see” attitude. That way, you’ll protect yourself from major disappointment down the road.  To be continued. . . . . . .

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