Shoe Freak

I LOVE Shoes and I Love a shoe steal. . . umm Sale.. Last week I started packing for my upcoming vacation and found out that I did not own a pair of fuchsia  shoes to wear with my latest dress purchase. Imagine ME the resident "shoe freak"  not have fuchsia!  Truth be told I do not have any space under my bed or in my two closets to put another pair, but Lucky for me my fave store is having a 75% shoe sale.  And, I have a 20% off coupon that is good for three months. So, I'm there dude. . . . not only did I find a multi color (iridescent) pair of heels for the dress, but I also found 5 more pairs for me, two pairs for my sister, two pairs for my Mom and helped my Cuz find her five pairs. Then on Saturday I took my sister's friend to the mall so she too can get in on the shoe frenzy. . .I had such a good time helping her spend her money (my next best thing to do). After a week the sale is still on and I cannot believe that I am still walking around the shoe racks looking to see what I missed. . . 'Cause I have 90 days to change my mind and return any of them for a full refund. Now, I can get back to sorting my must haves for the trip and mix and match for the last week before we go.  Most women love shoes mainly because they are usually true to size. Unless due to pregnancy where your foot may go up a size, the shoes you purchased two years ago will still fit. Can you say that about that blouse you just had to have and is still wearing the hanger in your closet after three years?  The only downsize to having too many shoes. . . if you do not wear them they will dry rot and the next time you leave the house in a pair you could come back with one less heel. Since June I find myself checking out the handbag section. . .I do not want to become a "handbag whore",so I am being careful not to go there.  I am happy just being a shoe freak.

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