To Love & Lost

You have all seen it - "If you Love someone set them free . . . . blah, blah, blah" . .  So many of us have set our true loves free and we never saw them again.  So, what happened?  You loved them but they did not love you!  It is true that if someone truly loves you they will find you.  All this is  "bullshit" if you are on the outside sitting with a broken heart and cannot seem to get over some dude.  According to the singer Jill Scott you got "Dickmatized".  "She says. . .you got caught up in the rapture. The sex was so amazing you're outside in the daytime with a flashlight looking for that man."  If this is so, you got it good and every woman should have that feeling at least once.  But, everything happens for a reason and you need to find the "YOU"  that you left behind on the way to bitterville.  Love Yourself First!  You are not the first and you sure will not be the last to have a little disappointment. But running after that man who turned his head, is just not You. Time to reflect on your strengths and values and make yourself Loveable.  Get rid of the bitter and the ugly and just shine. Do not close the door on Love. 

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