Too Young to Love

I remember a song. . . "I'm in Love with a Man that is twice my Age" and many gals were singing it back in the day when they were professing their love for the "older man".  These days there is a new song. . . "You're in Love with a Boy that is half your Age and you don't know what to do when end up in jail". The lyrics to this song could go on and on . . . .When a woman think she loves a boy (not "motherly love"). . .  It must be a completely different kind of lovin that makes her not care about her job, freedom, reputation, and her friends and family, because she is the ultimate Loser.  Really. . . how can you find a young boy so attractive & hot that you give away everything? And how come you cannot find a Man to lose your mind over?  These are questions we all ask when we hear about these Teachers having sex with their students and loosing their mind. .  Recently, Erica DePalo a teacher has been charged with sexual assualt on a 15 yr old student from her class.  Another 34 yr old Teacher name April tried to ruin a 17 year old boy's life by moving the student into her home & bought him a car because her love was just so strong. . . . now charged with statutory rape.  I am sure both of these women could find a man her age that she could date or lust after and allow him to ruin her life & career instead of using a child. There is no shortage of men 30, 40 & 50 yrs old who pride themselves in having a woman take care of them and want good hard working Teachers.  They are in every city and town, some even advertise, so how come they did not find Erica or April?  Because these women are not interested in adult lovemaking or lust, they want to be in total control and have it their way and these young buds are eager to please.  Ladies . . . watch, listen and learn!  Have the conversation with your children before you have to F@$k up that woman or man who wants to hurt your offspring.  I cannot begin to explain what I would do to these b........ if this was my son!  What are your thoughts?

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