What is your Skin's Age?

Why does my skin age differently than my friends?
My face has age spots so visible that really show that I am not a young gal. Whether I am trying to be 30 on a Friday night or 39 on Sunday morning, I have to use a concealer to enhance before I get dressed up to leave the house.  One of my friends has a flawless face but worries about the skin discoloration on her neck. Another friend has wrinkles on her lips and every friend I talk to, have something that just showed up recently that says. . . Hey! we are NOT ageless.  Skin ages as the result of many factors that include not only how old you are but also what your skin has been exposed to and how well you've taken care of it.  In general, skin aging is the result of two processes - intrinsic aging, which is related to the natural aging process and genetic influences, and extrinsic aging, or accumlated damage due to environmental factors such as sun exposure. Together, they eventually cause the visible signs of aging to appear, and over time, these signs progress through three stages - early, moderate and advanced. While your actual age can certainly influence how young or old your skin looks, your skin "age" also can be the result of multiple internal & external factors including medications you take to prolong your life.  All is not lost.  Advances in skin care science in recent years have come to the aid of those who will take the time and invest the money to help your skin act younger. Just Try before your buy. . .

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