Barbie VS Katie

Barbie vs. Katie Halchishick: O Magazine’s New Body Image Photo Shoot

O Magazine just hit stores with its first ever nude photo shoot enclosed, depicting Katie Halchishick, a plus-sized model and founder of the site “Healthy Is The New Skinny,” naked and covered in dotted lines that suggest what a surgeon might have to “cut away” to give her the same proportions as the doll she’s holding. The photo is a striking depiction of the warped beauty standards that women hold ourselves up against; if a gorgeous model is this far from what our cultural icons dictate as ideal, what hope do the rest of us have?  Check out the video from her site. . . 


  1. I love this post and her body is hot! I'd kill for her flat tummy!
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    1. Love your Blog. Thanks for joining My Kurves. I did follow back. . .


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