Bra Fittings

An ill-fitting BRA will not just make your girls look bad, it can also set you up for Back pain, Sore shoulders, Achy breasts, Irritated skin and even Headaches (from too-tight shoulder straps putting pressure on your shoulders).  To find out if you're sporting proper support or if you need a trip to a lingerie shop Stat, check yourself in the mirror for these quick clues:
  • Red Shoulder Marks: The straps are doing all the work supporting your breasts, but that is really the band's job. Pick a bra with a band that keeps your boobs almost perfectly propped even if you have the straps down.
  • Back Rack: Your Band is either too tight or too thin for your frame. Ideally, it should fit snugly on the last hook and not dig into you skin when you move.  If the fit is right but the look is off, opt for a thicker band. Unsightly back fat is a result of the bra riding up the back because it is too loose.
  • Front Boob Spillage: Your cup size (A, B, C, D, etc.) is too small. Sample the next size up and make sure each cup extends to the point where your arm hits your side, but not so far that it goes under your armpit.
  • Rotate your bras. You wouldn’t wear the same shoes everyday, so why is it okay to wear the same bra a few days in a row? You should be rotating a minimum of five to seven bras, so that your basics don’t get worn out and the lace doesn’t ruin. So, start building a “bra wardrobe.” And then, when you’ve worked the back clip in from the loosest hook to the tightest hook, throw it out.
  • Underwire. I know how we like the girls to look young and most of us will not get dressed without underwire.  But, some underwire can be painful if you do not wear the right size bra. It should not hurt or leave huge marks on your skin. If this happens, give it up.  Be sure to check your 'Tatas' everyday for lumps and bumps.

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