Rent to Wear

I am always browsing blogs & sites on the internet.  Imagine my surprise when I found a new 'Blockbuster' kind of rental recently that rents Fashionable Clothes online. Many women are . . Clothing without Commitment: The Gwynnie Bee Way.

According to what I have read Gwynnie Bee is being recognized by many women. With designers from across the globe, they offer a subscription based service that lets you choose from 6 types of plans.  From one item a month up to 10 items a month, the service ranges from $35 to $159!  Currently, If you want 3 items at a time you pay $79.00 per month. So many ladies are shopping online these days and this service is perfect for the working gal with $$$ and no time to shop the malls. So, would you use this service?


  1. I wouldn't use it because I like to own my things but it's a great concept!!

    1. I am with you on this.. I love shopping for my clothes and I find such great deals that this concept would not be beneficial to me.


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