The Face Lift

How many of you stop dead in your tracks to watch Debby Boone "Light up your Life" on TV ?. . .  "Lifestyle Lift can provide a natural, lasting solution for sagging jowls, loose & lined skin and turkey neck".  Then we rush to the mirror and start to hate the loose skin we find. Believe it or not that extra skin you just found has been hanging around for awhile and you never paid attention to it 'til now.  Yes. . . the media knows just how to get us!  Before you run out to get a Face Lift consult, do the research.  I mean, really look into the costs associated with the procedure, as well as the down time you will have to endure.  Not to mention the pain and suffering!  The Lifestyle Lift is a mini-facelift intended to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and enhance the jawline at around $5,850.  You're thinking this is affordable and I can even put this on my mastercard.   Listen . . . it is to tighten, reduce and enhance.  No where in the advert did it say it will make your face young again!  Want some honest reviews on cosmetic procedures?  Go to realself.com  and see for yourself.  This site is for beauty persurers just like you, who give reviews on their procedures, costs and some have pictures of actual before and afters. We all know that enhancing our outward beauty is expensive, and "no pain no gain" is what we are used to, but that loose skin may not be what's holding you back from your true beauty.  'Loving the skin you're In' is Powerful and it captures an outward appearance that a little sagging skin cannot compete with.  I love every inch of my dis-proportionate body & the timelines on my facial structure, and hope that when I step out all you see is ME.


  1. My cousin worked for a plastic surgeon's office while she was in college. I recently saw a photo of her where she looks a little weird. She reminded me of those models that look a little bit chiseled. I then saw her in person. She has had collagen put in her lips and she's too thin... explains why she reminded me of a model. The sad thing is she was always a pretty girl and is smart why does she feel she needs to alter her looks. I think natural looks so much better.

    1. Sadly not all of us think that we are Pretty. Just Love Yourself!

  2. I'm not against a little bit of enhancement if that's what suits your fancy, but I see a lot of people now who are just looking...weird. Sometimes I think it's better just to accept a few wrinkles than to have so much work done that you end up looking bizarre.

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    1. yes yes yes. there's absolutely nothing wrong with a little enhancement. i've already made my mind up that i'm getting my twin chin reduced in the future. however, i have no desire to reconstruct what i look like.

  4. Thanks for the link to realself...I'm going to head over there in a minute. I have horrible bags (fatty deposits) under my eyes that age me a lot. I fight the urge to go have a procedure to done to remove them. Happy SITS day, BTW.


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