Green with Envy

ENVY.  It can be the most negative of all emotions, yet each of us carry it. It has been said that if you have one ounce of ambition you will experience this kind of Envy throughout your lifetime.  Not all Envy is productive.  A dark shade of 'Green' can hold you back, paralyze you and make you think ugly thoughts. Psychologists call this malicious envy and it goes beyond wanting someone's paycheck or wardrobe. It is about wanting that person to lose those things which is wishing them ill.  So many times when you carry the 'Green' over your threshold you think that she doesn't deserve her great accomplishments. My grandmother used to say..."you do not know how much a person had to endure to become successful, so do not  wish for it". Envy is in your DNA and it may make you feel bad about yourself. But here is the thing. . .it's not about hating someone. It is about making you Better. Not better than someone but Better at being YOU. The problem that may arise is that you begin to get 'Greener' with someone that is closer to you, than the girl down the street and it rears its ugly head a time too many. "Her success can be too close for comfort, which might light a fire under you", says Abraham Tesser, PhD.  The trick?  Instead of being snarky about someone's success, look at your envy as a tool to learn about yourself.  Envy can get you revved up - the minute you hear something that elicits your 'Greeness', your brain goes into high alert mode, creating a sense of urgency that can lead to action.  So, embrace that mean Green and try to turn it into Orange. Or-an-ge you ready to jumpstart that new weight loss program or get that promotion? You bet you are.

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