You get this feeling when you pass up on a great trip to Jamaica with friends because you do not want to dip into your savings account. Then, you feel so bad when your friends are excitedly shopping for their trip that you go out and buy a new Smart phone for $400.00 for that feel good moment. That feel good moment later turns into buyer's remorse when you see the pictures online of Jamaica and you left your smart phone at the office.  To top it off the trip would have cost you $200 more and you would have the memories of a lifetime.  All of a sudden the new phone is a piece of shit. . .and you shoulda went to Jamaica and you may never get over it because, those same friends coulda shut up about when they went to Dunns River and met those fine guys, etc. etc.  Next time you will jump on the idea to go on a girls only vacation except they will not invite you 'cause you bailed on them. . . and now you woulda coulda shoulda!

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