Everyone makes resolutions, some they can't keep and others that fade away into summer vacation. Studies show that being satisfied with your romantic relationship is one of the best predictors of Happiness: more important than Education, Income or having a high-status job. Resolve to make 2013 your happiest and healthiest year yet and everything else will fall into place. Take charge of your health and make every day count. Accept that all relationships have phases and your Marriage or Love affair have a certain rhythm that changes in your life can affect, and some major adjustments is required. Rather than let things brew until you have a meltdown, create a conversation with your partner and layout your feelings being specific about your needs and encourage him/her to do the same. Several adjustments should be made if you want to move forward and you should be eager to make them. Finding time for Yourself is the oil to make your engine run, but quality time with loved ones is what keeps the engine running smooth and it may be time for a tune-up.

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