To be Taken Care of or Not

It’s the millennium, and today’s woman is strong, confident, self-sufficient and career driven. As the equal rights movement evolved, societies’ opinion of a woman’s ability has transformed enormously. A female is no longer simply seen as just a pretty face, instead she is respected for being intelligent, independent and assertive. Women finally have a voice, choice and secure place in the world.   0R DO THEY?  Are women really happy with this new found freedom and equality? Are they really that “evolved” or do they still (secretly) long for the olden days where they were doted on, taken care of and courted by a handsome gentleman?  Historically, women were seen as fragile, dependent and less intelligent and productive members of society. They did not have the same legal rights as men, thus the struggle to alter perceptions and lobby for change was extremely difficult. Those on the forefront had no choice but to become radical and extreme. Women learned to be tough and strong, denying any feelings or desires that they needed a man in any way. For a woman to be seen as independent and convince society that she was capable, she needed to reject any of the stereotypical characteristics of the delicate, feminine woman. Today, being a woman can be complicated. While she wants to be seen as equal and independent, she also wants to embrace her femininity and be treated special - not like one of the boys.  So what does a woman really want?

I want to be Respected, Valued & Loved Unconditionally. . . and you?

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  1. I found everything that I wanted in a man in my fiance and I still get to me that ambitious career woman at the office. I make my own money but he makes sure I don't have to spend it.


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