Nasty Gal

In 2006, Ms. Sophia Amoruso was a 22-year-old community college dropout, living in her step-aunt’s cottage, working at an art school checking student IDs for $13 an hour. Then she started a side project, NASTY GAL, an eBay page that sold vintage women’s clothing. She used Facebook and Instagram to the max (500,000+ followers).  Last year, Nasty Gal sold nearly $100 million of clothing and accessories - profitably. Her motto is, “Nasty Gals do it better.” But her personal motto is, “Only the paranoid survive.”

Nasty Gal 'Start Over Dress' - $47.40 looks just like Aguilera's Dress.

All this to say . . . YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!! Many bloggers are walking away from full time jobs and earning a living thru blogging. If you want a career like this Nasty Gal - start small, invest the time and use the media to your advantage like she did. Be sure to remember that Branding is a self promotion agent that works for you 24/7, so promote carefully. It took Sophia 6 years to reap her crop after she planted the seed. You have planted, now you just need to fertilize for the abundant harvest. PRESS ON MY SISTER.   Amen. . . (done preaching..)


  1. sooo very true!! Definitely a long term goal of mine.....

  2. This is an amazing story! I love this. I'm so motivated by this.

    1. Thanks to Style4Curves & Erika for your comments. Make your blog work for you!!!!


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