Not Feeling it.??

Embrace Perfume: Use fragrant body moisturizers and perfumes to leave a sexy presence. Knowing that I smell good makes me feel confident.

Dress sexy: Wear clothes that make you feel good and confident. Everything in your wardrobe should make you feel desirable! If you’ve got it, flaunt it. When you are appreciated for your flattering assets, it will make you feel more sexy and confident about your sexual self.

Don’t skip the waxing: No free passes on this one…make sure you are
feeling like you just stepped out of a salon - nails done, hair colored, eyebrows and bikini waxed.

Wear sexy underwear: Throw away those ripped and faded, granny panties. Invest in some new sexy underwear. Even though few may see you in them, wearing sexy panties can be your little secret and can boost your confidence.

Feeling sexy is all about attitude: More than anything else, how you appear depends on the way you feel inside. Turn off the negative voices in your head and remind yourself “I am sexy, I am confident.” Stop bashing yourself.  Learn to Love the YOU you've become and Flaunt it!

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