Ashley who?

Life is Short, have an Affair. . . was the slogan talked about on Hot Topics today. The founder of ashleymadison.com and his wife came face to face with an audience to talk about their marriage & the wife explained that cheating is not allowed in their union. Wait a second. . . . she is the face on the billboards for the company that encourages husbands/wives to cheat, but she is appalled by cheating!! . . .clearly, she does not practice what she preaches and only want the money. 

Believe it or not this online playing field for married people looking to cheat is home to more than 8 million.  Members create profiles with fake names and 68% are married men whose average age is 44. However, the average age for married women is 35 and they prefer single men. I wonder why?  Each member has taglines on their profiles to make them more visible, like one man's "At you cervix madam".  Just for shits and giggles some of us may want to read his profile but only if you are willing to join.  The most obvious question is why these people admit their recklessness and confess their betrayals on the internet for all to see? They are members because they want more sexual excitement, they don't give a damn and ashleymadison is a quick fix. What about the costs? It's Free to be a guest member and once you get hooked on some dude you think is hot then you will want to upgrade - pay $$ to use full member benefits. You can call it 'bait n switch'; addicitive; or just plain stupid, but this 'world leading married dating service for discreet encounters'  is making millions and the husband & wife who owns the site are living the ultimate life of luxury. This is way more than being stupid & reckless, it is . . . .(your words).

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