Morning After Pill Ruling

A Federal Judge just ordered the US FDA to make "morning after" aka PLAN B, emergency contraception pills available without a prescription to all girls of reproductive age.
This means that your young lady under the age of 15 can now buy Plan B at the corner drugstore. Yes!  It will be available on aisle 4 next to Plan A (condoms) & Plan Oops! (Diapers) and as long as she has the money she can buy it. No questions asked! Plan B  is about 90% effective at preventing
pregnancy if taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex.  Many parents will be shocked to know that, they may have to fork out money for such a purchase and will be under pressure to have that 'Talk' with their Tweens right away. Many parents will be more worried about the "night before" instead of the "morning after" when your little girl did not practice safe sex!  First of all, you should already be so involved with your daughter's life that there should be no fear or pressure. This is nothing new to many parents in New York schools of 1 million students. NYC school system has been distributing Plan B in 53 schools and still about 7,000 girls age 15-17 get pregnant every year.  So get in her room, get her on the phone or text her your invitation to the Talk and have it again & again & again . . .

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  1. that's right!Parents need to educate their kids.


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