SwimSuits to Love

Just browsing the internet looking for inspirations and what do I see. . sexy swimsuits for every bodee. Hey, my body is not ready for summer yet!  But when I feast my eyes on the Monif C Orange number, I am tempted. But the temptation did not stop there. . . the yellow one piece and the black two piece. Yes....women of a certain size can wear two piece swimsuits!!!
Umm. . If I get this orange swimsuit I'm in love with, could I be inspired to get beach ready? Yes...No...Maybe. . . Well after viewing the Monif C  Island Gypsy Collection video, shot in Barbados -  http://youtu.be/m8iWLg_vRl0. I  am so, so inspired and I even saw ME on the beach in Barbados again!  O.K, so you are not buying a new swimsuit! But, didn't this video make you want to book your Caribbean vacation pronto?

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