To Wear Maternity or Not

Everyday you turn on the TV you see and hear people being very critical of Kim Kardashian not wearing maternity clothes for her ever expanding waistline. She is still trying to fit into her regular sized clothes and wear her very high heels. How can she be comfortable? The waist is too tight. . . they say.  Back when I was expecting my son I could not wait to show my baby bump in fashionable maternity dresses and paid a pretty penny for it too.  Now ASOS has several chic maternity pieces for a lot less than Motherhood, and they are so fashionable that non-pregnant females are wearing them.  Look at this maternity dress. . .wouldn't you wear this on a date?
Before you say Hell no, look at Gabifresh rocking this same white number in her blog and tell me why KK would not wear a dress like this. So many plus size sisters have worn maternity clothes and are proud of it. Recently, I heard Sheryl Underwood say she wears pants from that section and who really cares what size an outfit is if it fits you well.  Just cut out the label if you are so bothered by a "number". I am looking forward to your comments!


  1. I was pregnant twice and I never wore anything maternity. I just bought regular clothes in bigger sizes.

  2. You would think it would be a relief to be able to wear stretchy stomach pants!! bring it on!! And the cloths are so super cute now...not to mention, aren't the cloths there for a reason? Is it really safe for the baby for the cloths to be that tight in the bump area?

  3. Yes I wear clothes from the maternity department. In fact Asos maternity has some beautiful dresses that are not as popular as the Asos curve because people don't check for it.

  4. I saw this dress on GabiFresh and just loved it!




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