Vegan Salon Smoothie

A vegan salon smoothie. . . Sounds like you would need a straw for this, but it is a new salon-only hair relaxer - Zerran Reform 2.0 from Zerran International.  Now introduced as a re-texturizing treatment that is supposed to relax curls and waves without damaging chemicals. They call this treatment a "vegan hair relaxer" and it is said to last at least six months without any formaldehyde-laced straighteners.  This hair treatment is applied to hair and set by (heat) a flatiron and ready for styling immediately.  It is odorless and so gentle that a salon pro can apply without gloves but it's not available for in-home use and can hit your wallet for about $350.00. More about Zerran Reform 2.0 here.  As always, you should do your research and be informed before you commit to changing any products on your hair or body.

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