Shop for Bras Online

Have you noticed how every bra fits you differently? You just might be wearing a different size each time, depending on the brand or style of bra you have on!  I have also noticed that the same size bra of the same brand in a different color fits me differently. Do you hate shopping in the dept. store with the tape measure woman who adjusts the bra she wants you to buy?
Now you can shop for bras online simply by answering a simple 2 minute quiz and make a $45.00 deposit. How can this work for your boobs?  Go to True & Co, take the quiz, make the deposit, they send you five (5) bras to try in your home. Best of all....you only pay for the bras you love and return those you do not want - print out the return label and send them back free of charge. How about that. . . . are you ready to take the test?


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