A Challenge

Keep the change challenge | Spending Pennies to look Pretty & Pocketing the rest by Discount Thief. For the entire year Jan-December, Donna of Discount Thief challenged herself to a low shopping budget of $20.00 per month for clothes shoes and accessories.  So far she has survived 6 months and get this. . . she is not allowing herself to go Thrifting or shop at stores like Ross.  If she doesn't spend the entire $20.00 during the month she cannot roll over to the next.  I did this in Feb. & March this year and fell off the wagon when the sale coupons arrived in the mail. 
Jones New York Ankle Pants
Last week I purchased these pants for $15.70 with my store coupon and will be wearing them soon. Using Donna's challenge I would only have $4.30 to spend for the rest of the month and I think I could survive. I would not be able to do this in August when the summer sales are in full swing and I have my 20% coupon off the clearance rack, because that is when the shoes are priced just right (for me) and the summer clothes are jumping off the shelves. However, I would like to do a similar challenge for a couple of months next year (preferably during the winter, when I have no interest in the merchandise), so I want to see her end results. Would you be able to do this?


  1. I couldn't do it!!! I wish I had that kind of willpower I spend the most on accessories. Btw LOVE the new layout!!!

  2. what a great pair of printed pants, and nice price!
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. I love those pants. They are so colourful and pretty. I have yet to pull this style off. Thanks for posting. :)



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