A Change

It doesn't matter whether you are slim, trim or fit as a fiddle, when you round the bend of mid-40s or older, you begin a new phase of your life. The change is 'gonna come.  It's called menopause. Or as I call it a "Pause of Men". . . . O.K. so you may not feel any different at first, but some of us do and believe me this feeling is very temporary. You cannot escape from this unique time in your life and once you get over, you are so thankful.  But, one of the best parts of all this - is YOU becoming yourself, perhaps for the first time. We get overwhelmed with Perimenopause, Menopause and Post-menopause and you start to think when will this all end. Take a quite time out each day, time for you and only you. Meditate, breathe deeply or listen to some good mood music. Start a walking program. Engage in activities that make you laugh (belly shakin laugh). Get your sexy back - whatever it takes. Balance your hormones, either with a holistic diet or hormone replacement therapy prescribed by your MD of course. Do your homework, read books and talk to medical experts and last but not least, LOVE YOURSELF more each and every day. Do not resist your body's natural evolution, accept this stage with grace. 


  1. uhmmmmmmmmmm Am I supposed to be scared now ? well am celebrating 31 in a few months.I heard sometimes it happens early.

    1. No girl you have plenty time. . Not everyone has a bad time...some like me have not had to make any adjustments. It's just life's journey and I am proud to be on this trip.


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