According to all the blogging tips I have read they all advise, not to have too much color on your blog. Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen states: "Get rid of the printed backgrounds, the Blogger fonts that are all pixilated, the headers that are three feet long, the centered text, and the 50,000 widgets in the sidebar. These days, a clean, white background with black or dark gray text is best. Don’t believe me? Check out all the “big” fashion and style bloggers, they all have clean, simple templates that are primarily white". 
Everyone who knows me, know that I love color and an all white background just does not represent me.  Plus I am not a big fashion & style blogger, so I'm hoping you like my current page. I am the proverbial re-styler and re-decorator who likes to create changes in my surroundings. Right now my bedroom is in orange and I love it now. But if I get bored with it, a can of paint is easy to get and I love painting.
The same is true of my blog. I got a little bored with the pale pastel colors and I was tied to "the cutest blog . . ." and if their site is down, so are my graphics. So, I decided to create my own backgrounds and headers to compliment me.  Allie also says we should have simple links, not widgets to follow on social media "(I'm not a fan of Google friend connect because it's a big advertisement of how many people follow you, but a mega fan of having "subscribe by email)" . . . I have to say that she is correct on this. I have a lot of visitors who leave comments but can't be bothered to Join via Google Friends connect. You can read more from Allie Here.  Your thoughts? 

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