Gas for my Ride

Lately I have not been able to fill up my car at the gas station cause' I will need to take out a loan and no bank will give it to me. Just yesterday gas for my ride was at $4.10 per gallon and to fill up my tank will cost in excess of $60.00. If you are not working, you cannot afford a tank full and you should not need a tank full.  My Uncle tells me that if you drive less and buy gas every week you will only spend $20.00 to fill up. What's he talking about? Of course his funds are direct deposited every month and mine are not.  I am not the only one. . . just about everyone at the gas station is holding down the nozzle counting the cents and hope not go over $30.00. Oh shit....stopped at $30.08! Now, have to hunt down 8 cents in the ashtray. I remember when you had to wait for the person in the next aisle to finish using the windshield washer & conversations were a buzz at the station. Now, everyone is pissed off about the prices, and does not give two shits if the windshield is clean much less care about your conversation. Boy, how high prices can tick some of us off. . . It's the government fault; NO.. it's the oil companies; NO. it is the State; NO it's the season. . . NO, NO, NO. It is my fault for not saving my money and marrying rich. Shit. . .Shit. . .Shit!


  1. Lmbo this was funny. I be cussing the nozzle out when I go over 1 penny. Since the kids are out of school during the summer I save a lot on gas but school starts in 3 weeks and I am dreading making that a bill again.

  2. Hahaha! The last words mad me laugh. Oh the gas price is also expensive here in our country. :)

    XX, IamJenniya
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  3. lol you got me rolling on the floor I feel you pain.


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