In Commando

I was watching the Fashion Police recently when Joan Rivers interviewed Chrissy Teigen (Sports Illustrated Model & John Legend's Fiancee). She told Joan Rivers that she never ever wears underwear. Not even when she's on a TV talk show wearing a mini dress. Not even that time of the month. Chrissy explained that she goes 'commando' simply because she prefers not to wear panties. "I just don't, I don't like it," she succinctly told the stunned hosts.
Chrissy Teigen
Shock turned to horror when Rivers probed - what she does on "like, a heavy flow day."  How does she deal with Tampon strings? Teigen began to explain what dancers in rap videos do in such situations - cut the strings short!  She is not the only celebrity going 'commando'. Christina Aguilera also said lately that "going commando has its perks. It's comfy, practical and undeniably sexy."  She said going pantyless is "empowering" - "I like to be free at all times."   Stepping out sans panties is a frisky fashion move and more chicks like Chrissy & Christina are daring to try. But it’s not exactly a new trend; some of history’s hottest sex goddesses, such as Cleopatra and Jean Harlow, reportedly went 'au naturel' beneath their clothes.

Commando Perks
Clinical Sexologist Ava Cadell, PhD., notes - "Removing the barrier that shields your intimate anatomy makes you more in touch with your innate sensuality" she adds. "Another benefit to being bare: how it affects your man. Whisper that you’re pantyless and his lust level will instantly soar. Even if you don’t clue him in, he’ll still be burning with desire.  I have heard from several women that were advised by their ob-gyn to stop wearing underwear to fight yeasts infections in warm climates. It is very true that underwear helps trap in heat and moisture which provides a perfect breeding ground for yeast infections. so that may be good advice. I just never got that advice from my doctor and I am the person that cannot sleep without my panties. But, it is all about personal preference and your comfort.

Commando Drawbacks
Ditching your undies has a few pitfalls. One minor risk is a rash that can result from chafing when wearing pants. Another is public lice, aka crabs - parasites that can be live on towels and other surfaces that can have a direct path to your privates. Going panty-free during your period makes you more vulnerable to infections. “Anytime you use a tampon, your vaginal opening is more exposed, allowing bacteria to enter and trigger bacterial vaginosis or a urinary tract infection,” says Lisa Masterson, an ob-gyn at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. “Since your vagina isn’t covered by undies, you’re more susceptible to these possibly serious conditions.” And what about ordinary daily discharge? Without panties, the inside of your clothes may end up with a slight trace. But is it a health risk?  Probably not, but it sure would soil and ruin your nice clothes.

The bottom line on going bare or not is simple. It's all about YOU and your Lifestyle. You can do it as seldom or as often as you like and it'll be your sexy secret unless you decide to share. . .


  1. I'm slowly shifting away from traditional panties. I like wearing pajamas at night w/o panties. Because I wear my skirts/dresses below the knee, I wear thigh length boyshorts or leggings instead of panties. It eliminates see through, chub rub, and clinging. The only time I wear panties is when I wear dress pants. I don't think I could completely go 'commando'--not in public anyway.

    1. Many Ladies do not wear them to bed since my Grandmas era.

  2. I didn't know those perks and drawbacks! Hmmmm....

    1. Glad I wrote them & Thanks for stopping by

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  4. It's a fair weather friend. I'll go for the perks. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  5. i'm finding myself wearing them less often. it was hard getting used to being bare when wearing jeans. listen - it saves on laundry too!


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