Jamaica 51

JAMAICA, West Indies is celebrating 51 years of Independence from the British Colony on August 6, 2013.  I would be remiss if I did not say that Jamaica is where I was born & bred and this is of great importance to me and other fellow Jamaicans.
Although we love being an independent nation, we are far from "true independence".  We still depend on the International Monetary Fund and the major countries within the United Nations for some kind of support. Yes. . . Jamaica has Reggae and a great Tourism market, but many citizens still lack the resources needed for optimum survival yet they are a PROUD people. I am thankful for my Jamaican heritage and proud of my ancestors.  Smile Jamaica u still inna de race!
"She gives dem Reggae, beaches, flowers an de ferns. . . . . . "(Chronixx)

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  1. Happy 51 years of Independence to my home country, Jamaica! Thanks for stopping by my blog, love. Hope to see you around again!

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