Chaka Kahn

Just about everyone knows or have seen Chaka Kahn in concert and love her.  Yvette Marie Stevens aka Chaka Kahn turned 60 this year and looks fabulous when she showcased her new figure - 75lbs less. 

She was diagnosed with HBP & Diabetes awhile back, was on medication and decided to change her lifestyle. She said: "Forget this! I'm not going out like this." and took on some drastic changes to make the new svelte Chaka we now see in magazines. She told Jet Magazine that she went on a total liquid diet for one (1) year, did some dance classes & walking to create this new Chaka. She also shared her Twelve (12) Pearls of Wisdom:-

1. Age ain't Nothing but a Number.
2. Combine all your Passions into One.
3. Create Opportunities that Align with your Purpose.
4. Connect with your Spiritual Side.
5. It's never too Late to make a Radical Change.
6. Kill the "Fat Girl" Talk.
7. There's no Replacement for Personal Contact.
8. Always Shoot from the Hip.
9. Believe in Second Chances.
10. Don't be Afraid to Break Cycles.
11. Your Moment of Clarity Comes When you Face Your Fears.
12. Giving Back is a Responsibility.
All this to say, that it may have taken 20+ years to create those Pearls of Wisdom, but she is living her dream and it is within our reach!  I have completed most and still working on item #5.  What Pearls of wisdom are you working on?

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  1. Lovely post, and lovely advice!! :D


  2. WOW, she looks gorgeous! Love all her tips, especially #8 and #9. And definitely live by #1!!!
    xo ~kim

  3. Love those Pearls of Wisdom! She looks fab and still sounds great! She is still every woman!


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