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My very disciplined Sister who runs 6 days a week is having trouble finding affordable workout wear. She participates in every charity walk/run within the 15 mile radius of our house and usually comes home with an assortment of gifts:- Free T-shirt, healthy snacks and water. Why do they always give you water as a gift instead of wine?  Anyhoo, I was getting bored and needed a project when I  found "Give an old tee new Life " - Make an infinity scarf out of a tee shirt by cutting it into strips.  So, I got a red tee shirt from her stack and proceeded to make the scarf. Well, that was not a hit. I really didn't like it and she was not going to wear it. So on to the next. Then I came up with this crop top:
For this No-Sew project you Need:- A Free T-Shirt. Sharp Scissors. Iron. Pins. Ruler/Tape measure.
1. Spread out the shirt on a flat surface and measure the length you want your crop top to be. Mine was 5 + 3 = 8 inches.
2. I measured from the center of the armpits 5 inches. 
3. Fold the shirt to form a crease then iron with cotton settings.
4. Make another fold 3 inches below the first crease for the fringe (3 inch long fringe) and iron on cotton settings. (The stretch will add 1 ins. so, if you want a longer fringe add it now)
5. Now you have two creases on your shirt.
6. Fold the shirt (front & back together) in the last crease and cut with a sharp scissors.
7. Now you have only one crease on your shirt.
8. Cut strips about 1/2 inch wide to the first crease. You will be cutting back/front at the same time.
9. Now hold the fabric taut above the cut and stretch each strip one by one to get the desired effect.
10. For the sleeves, I cut each to form a short cap sleeve.
11.Then, I removed the ribbed neckline by cutting it close to the stitching.
12. Now make the V. Fold the front of the shirt and iron a crease. Measure 3 inches, pin then cut. Trim off excess and you've got a Crop Top. It was No-Sew easy.
Total Cost= $0 (Free)
I am sure I am not the first person to do this project, but I could not find instructions so I made up my own. We liked this top so much that I made 4 others from the Free t-shirts my sis had in her closet. Have you done this before? If not, will you try it?                                     
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  1. Cute, I tried to make an infinity scarf with a t-shirt and it didn't work out either. I like you would prefer wine over water as a gift!

    1. That scarf thingy was a complete waste of time. Thanks for your comments.

  2. The tee is really cute and well made.

  3. Wow. What a cool idea. I like the look with the up-rolled jeans. Casual chic.
    I found you through the two thirty-five linkup.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. I love a quick and easy diy! Looks great!

  5. So cute (and easy!), love it. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  6. Super cute!! It came out great! xo

  7. I've come across these tees before but none that look as perfectly executed as yours. Awesome job.

  8. Very cool design, love to have one like that in red


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