Desire Divas

I remember when Self-Love and Masturbation were dirty words or even considered taboo to many Ladies and therefore not discussed with their peers.  I am so glad we got passed that and today Ladies are seeking more information on Self-Pleasuring and becoming Desire Divas.  In my conversations with younger women my motto is "Love Yourself So you can Love Others" In my conversations with my peers "My body is my Pleasure Palace and I Love it". This is not to say that I do not love the company of a Man, I surely do. I just Love myself first.  Often women are afraid or uncomfortable with the idea of experimenting with sex toys and there are several reasons for this.  First, many women were given negative ideas and attitudes about sex as young girls. Or they got the idea that even intercourse itself was bad and dirty - so, obviously adding a foreign object to the equation is out of the picture. 
But, many women are inquisitive enough to search on the Internet and attend Adult parties to find out more about Toys.  According to Charlie Glickman, PhD., a sexuality educator; "It also gives you room to try new things without stressing about a partner's expectations."  Self Love/Masturbation is a pressure release, a natural sleeping pill and a plain old fashioned good time without any strings attached. As a former Adult parties consultant,  I cannot tell you how many times Mrs. Housewife attend a party just to hear what her Sisterfriends are talking about and to gain some knowledge on the QT. She is not apt to make any purchases, but she is like a sponge soaking it all up. The minute she gets a glass of wine, here comes the questions.  I always tell them that there are no stupid questions and that we can all learn from each other.  Long ago, I learned that heterosexual males are turned on by a woman who is uninhibited about her sexuality, and that he would rather date a confident woman with an imperfect shape than a stick figure with no confidence.  A Desire Diva does not waste time fretting about stubble and cellulite, wishing she was skinny or wishing she did not take so long to climax. How did these ladies become so aware of their pleasure points?  Self Love/Masturbation.  I hope that this opens the door to more conversations with your Sisterfriends because it will flush out any Abuse among Us.

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  1. awesome post babe


  2. self love! ha, never heard it put like that :)

  3. So brave to post about sex and self love!!
    Education education education is the answer!!
    I stumble upon your blog and caught my attention that it goes farther than style, fashion and how to look 40 at 50.
    These are the true conversations among woman!
    thank you!


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