Paint A Couch

Paint a couch with a brush?  There is a first time for everything and I just saw this on my daily hunts for DIY projects, 'cause I have a lot of time on my hands & little moolah.  It is True that . . people have been painting Grandma's old couches for years with House Paint.  Did you know this?  So, that ugly couch you just saw at the yard sale for $40.00, could be in your family room looking pretty and new next month.  Need some Inspiration?
Not everyone is using house paint. Simply Spray's upholstery fabric paints are specifically designed for decorating couches and other furniture. But, it will not work effectively on Nylon & 100% polyester fabrics, so you will need fabric knowledge. I have not tried this yet, but as soon as the right couch comes my way I'm on it.  So, why am I writing this post?  Ladies are thrifting clothes like crazy these days and walking past pre-loved sofas to get to the fitting room. Why not pick up a well constructed sofa or get one from Aunt B and make it yours? I am just saying . . .
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