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The main idea of a Vacation, is to get away on an adventure that you do not have to mortgage your house or rob a bank to afford. The Best Vacation Dollar is a Cruise Vacation.  If You have never cruised before, this post is for you.  We (my family & I) go on a cruise every two years in a group of 6 or more.
Group bookings are a great economical way to cruise because you can reduce the costs by booking three or more in a cabin (Triples & Quads), the only requirement - you have to like your roommates or this vacation could be a disaster before the ship leaves the dock.  A triple is usually two twin berths(beds) and a sofa bed that is fairly comfortable and the cabin cost is split between the three people. Just about every cruise line offers good Perks for groups of 8 cabins or more and members can get - onboard credits, a party for just your group, wine or "a free berth for every 8 cabins booked". You can keep the freebie or give it to your child or mother. There are no discounts for children on a cruise, even toddlers pay full price.  On all ships the higher the deck the higher the cabins cost! When you book a triple you can take advantage of being on a higher deck or getting a balcony because of the cost/split. That is how we are able to get a balcony cabin and never stay on the lower decks. Of course all the decks get there at the same time and if you want to save even more money, book the lowest deck.
Celebrity Balcony Triple Cabin
Fifteen years ago we had a group of 40 people and we got two free berths, onboard credits we used for photos and a 2 hour cocktail party with liquor for the group. Yes. We got liquored up for Free!  On our last cruise I roomed with my Sister and Cousin and we paid $694.00 each.  We visited four Caribbean islands and we had Fun and the only decision we had to make was, who would sleep on the sofa bed. So we took turns. 

All Inclusive:
You already know that a Cruise is all Inclusive, you pay before you Go and Cash is not allowed on the ship, except in the Casino.  But, that's not all true.  Included are: | Your Bed | All your meals about 6 daily | All the Tea, coffee and lemonade/fruit punch drinks you can consume. | On board entertainment including - musical shows, comedy shows and Disco. | Pools & Hot tubs | Use of the Library.

Not Included:
Port side excursions | The Spa | Photos | Internet usage | Required Tips for services | Sodas, Beer, Wine and all alcohol beverages are not included, and you must charge these purchases to your cabin card which is guaranteed by a credit card at check-in.  You can also use your debit card, but you must have available funds on it. Bar service is available all over the ship and those delicious tropical drinks with the little umbrella are at a premium and not free.

If you are like me you shop everywhere you go, so you will need available credit/funds for those purchases. Also, you must notify your credit card provider before you leave home that you will be travelling to foreign lands so that they do not block any charges. You can get some good deals on the last cruise day when the onboard shops have deep discount sales. This is the only time I shop for gifts & Liquor. Remember, there is no cash onboard so you need available credit on your cabin account. Duty Free Liquor purchased in Port or on the ship is stored aboard and released to you on debarkation. In other words, you have to get creative if you want to have cocktails in your cabin. We take a vacation every year and I believe that a Cruise is the best vacation for your Dollar. . . How can you visit four countries all inclusive for $694 each?  Only on a well planned Cruise.
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  1. I've never been on a cruise, other than a day trip from Orlando to The Bahamas. Guess I need to put on my bucket list!

  2. I cruised once... I would love to go on a cruise through europe.
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. I've never been on a cruise, but I keep hearing they are a lot of fun. I should go with my friends and family, like you do! Nice to meet you from SITS!!

  4. I love, love, love cruising and haven't been on one in quite sometime. Would love to go on a cruise with the BF, maybe when we've squared away a bit of money. And I totally think it's worth it to splurge on one of the upper decks (especially if you're prone to sea sickness) and a balcony is a great way to get some fresh air, too. Great post! Happy happy SITS day~hope you're enjoying your day in the spotlight!


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