Cruise Wear

You have booked your cruise and now you are in a frenzy shopping for Cruise Wear.  Hold up. . . let's just chill with a glass of wine.
On the Streets/Cayman Isl.
Cruising is the best Vacation dollar and if you're not careful you could over pack for a cruise.  Fashionistas can have a field day onboard because there are many reasons to dress to impress, especially if you're in a Singles group.  Just about everyone take more items than they can wear, just in case . .  pants get ripped from too many meals on board! Yes.  I am guilty of overeating on the ship.  Seriously, if you have to take an airline to board the ship, you will be limited due to suitcase charges.  And, boarding the ship in Puerto Rico or any other foreign port also have weight limitations on your luggage (40 lbs.), so get your paper and pencil and make a list.  On most ships you are required to dress for dinner (no shorts & tees) except NCL (Norweigan). "Freestyle Cruising" is what NCL is known for and you do not have to dress up at all, which I did not like.
Disco Onboard
If you are going on a 7 day Cruise you have 2 dress-up nights - Captains Dinner & Formal Night. On these occasions you can take some professional photos with several backgrounds, so select your outfit/dress carefully for the photo. Remember photos are not free and the photographers will take them every night, and once you love them you will want them. Here is what I take on my 7 night Caribbean cruise:
  • If travelling by airplane to the Port, I wear my heaviest garments and shoes/boots on the airplane (to save luggage costs).
  • My Xlarge black handbag to carry Passport, Cosmetics, medicines, a snack & my wallet. I Pack my everyday handbag & evening bag in the suitcase.
  • One evening dress for formal night & photos.
  • One dressy outfit (long skirt and sequined top) for Captain's dinner. I can wear the top again with my black pants and skirt with another top.
  • Two pants/jeans & four tops for dining, shows and/or disco.
  • An XL Scarf & a sweater/jacket for cool evenings onboard.
  • Pack 2 pairs of heels, 1 comfy wedge, Crocs and 2 pairs of sandals.
  • Three pairs of capris, 2 sleeveless tops, 2 bathing suits and one cover-up.
  • Two pairs of pajamas/nightshirts.
  • Seven pairs of undies; my harness(MiracleSuit); 2 comfy bras.
  • A sewing Kit, hair styling supplies & a Beach Bag.
  • Suntan lotion and a hat/visor (the sun is wicked in the islands).
Two weeks before you leave, get out your suitcase and start putting items in it from your List.  Once you board the ship, your luggage is in the care of the crew and they will bring it to your cabin. Keep your medicines and necessaries with you. Each cabin is equipped with hairdryers, soaps, shampoos and a Safe to store your millions. Leave your expensive jewels in the safe and wear costume jewelry at the ports. 
Tip: Jewelry shopping is excellent in ports and on the Islands and I make my purchases duty free by replacing the costume jewelry with the new.
Tip: Take a snack in your handbag, it takes time to check-in.
Tip: Rinse out your bathing suit and hang in shower overnight to wear again.
Tip: Purchase your excursions prior to the day of, so you're on time.
Tip: If you're just going shopping at the port, you do not need to purchase an excursion. You maybe able to walk around.
See "Cruise for Less" for more info on purchases onboard.
Happy Cruising!


  1. If I were to cruise, I'd want to go on one where you are supposed to look nice everyday! Though obviously I would no matter what anyone else was wearing, still it's more fun when you aren't surrounded by slobs...

  2. Great article Neti! The outfit plan reminds me of a capsule wardrobe.

  3. Great post. I love to cruise it's just a carefree way to travel. Thanks for stopping by the blog dear. Stay Fashionably Fabulous. xoxo....Natasha B.

  4. I went on a cruise had so much fun and grained 15 pounds. You left the part out about packing an appetite.


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