Do you have fabrics stored with the idea that you were going to make outfits and just couldn't? There was a time in my life that I made just about everything I wore. I even made curtains about 5 years ago and now my sewing machine is just a dust collector. I still have a passion to create but not the desire to sew right now. So, I am always looking for ideas to get my creative juices flowing.

I have been a fan of Mimi G Style for a year now and I always want to see her creations. She makes lots of fashion forward outfits and rocks them like a star. Now, she is offering Sewing Instruction Videos for all who want to learn. Her designs are simple, cute and affordable. Head on over to Mimi G and see for yourself. Not your cup of tea? Go look anyway. . .
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  1. this is cool ...


  2. Lol @ go look anyway! Sewing is not my cup of tea but I'll check it out just bc you made me laugh!

  3. I used to sew and make clothes, and I had piles and piles of fabric for potential projects, but then I really lost the desire to do so, and kept being disappointed by my final products that I eventually stopped. I still wear a couple things I've made though, the pop up on the blog from time to time.
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Cool! I love her creations too. I hate that my sewing machines are so dusty. I just never make time for it anymore. Perhaps, it's all the thrifting. :)

  5. I have to confess, I have plenty of fabrics in my house that I bought and I wanted to turn them into something but never got to it. My sewing machine is surely a dust collector now lol.

  6. i love her blog too! so inspiring


  7. Very true lady. My sewing machine has been packing dust. Got a basic sewing machine because my twin and I did not want to spend so much making adjustments to our clothes. Tried sewing a tulle skirt recently and got quite frustrated. Sewing does take a lot of patience!



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