Older & Wiser

Perceptions of age has changed a lot over the years.  Since I just celebrated another birthday I can surely reflect on getting Older & Wiser. I look at each birthday as a chance to Re-Do and Re-New in all areas of my life and I am thankful to God for yet another chance.  Do you remember when a woman 50 years old was considered an old lady?  Yes!  Look at a picture of your Grandma in her fifties.  She did not dye her hair, wear make-up, get a little nip & tuck and she acted older than her years.  Now 50 is the new 40; 60 is the new 50 & you would be caught dead with gray hair.  So, what do we have to look forward to?
  • RE-TIRE-MENT. No more work.
  • CONFIDENCE. If you do not have it Get it Now!
  • NO Stupid mistakes. Done that.
  • Senior Discounts.
  • FREEDOM to say and do Whatever.
  • Time to Travel & see the World. (If you have saved some $$)
  • SELF-LOVE. Loving the skin You're in!
  • Spending time with only those you LOVE.
I am also looking forward to retirement checks, First Friday at the club and that Man who will eventually find Me.  I will also try to act my age, whatever that is. . .


  1. First things first. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Sorry I don't have bloglovin so I follow you by GFC (#27) hope that's OK.
    Hahaha, you made me laugh with the third one in the above, no stupid mistakes, done that. Lol, I think I won't be able to avoid making stupid mistakes until the day I die *sigh* and like you I don't have any clue how to behave my age, whatever that may be anyway.
    You are great hun.
    see ya

  2. I'm looking forward to senior discounts-even though it's a ways away. lol


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